Build Muscle To Improve Your Business Productivity

Everyone knows that by looking after your health (and as a result increasing your stamina and muscle strength) via exercise and strength training you will increase productivity when working on your business.

roids in the officeHowever regular exercise and weight training alone is not enough for building muscles, you need to take care of what you eat and know how it helps with muscle growth. Besides, a good knowledge of muscle building techniques would prove to be an added advantage in making you bulky in no time and more productive. Here is my guide on how to build muscle faster.


1 Increase your calorie intake

The number of calories you consume plays a vital role in determine if you will lose weight or gain muscles. If you are aiming for muscle growth, you must consider adding extra 300 to 500 calories in your daily diet. Since you are exercising on a regular basis, your body is burning a good number of calories.

To help muscle grow faster, you must consume additional calories to bulk up. Consume 6 meals a day and divide the number of calories required for effective muscle building. You can take help from a nutritionist or personal  trainer to know the exact amount of calories and health supplements needed for you body weight for growing your muscles.

2 Look what you eat

Not everything high in calories is healthy. If not taken care of, you may end up consuming foods that add fat to your body. It is important to lose fat while building muscles to get into shape. This ensures the growth of the muscles and not fat.

Consume foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Since proteins are building blocks of muscles, they help in providing an adequate amount of amino acids required for building strong muscles. Do not completely avoid carbs as they help in boosting your energy while keeping you sated.

steroids in the office

3 Take legal steroids

Most athletes and bodybuilders use legal steroids for building muscles in a better way. Legal steroids (see )help in increasing the rate of muscle growth and makes you bulky faster. Anabolic steroids help in gaining lean tissue and prevents the deposition of fats in your body.

Hence, it helps in attaining a perfect body with chiseled muscles. Testosterone steroids are considered the most effective ones in building muscles fast, although you may take any anabolic steroids labelled for muscle growth. It is imperative to know that some steroids may have sides effects on some individuals and you must consult your trainer or doctor before consuming one.

4 Drink water

Water is essential for anyone and if you are trying to grow muscles, it becomes an absolute necessity. Dehydration is likely when you exercise. It is important to stay hydrated at all times for optimal functioning of the body. Water also increases metabolism and prevents deposition of fat. Moreover, when you are consuming a high protein diet you will need adequate water for its assimilation in the body. So, keep sipping fluids and water throughout the day to gain muscle in the right way.

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5 Pre and post workout supplements

Besides the above ways on how to build muscles, one of the best ways to make your workout productive is to take supplements. You can buy pre-workout drinks that help in boosting your energy for an effective muscle building. They keep you sated for longer and help you stay motivated with your workout routine. A post workout drink will help in replenishing the worn out muscles and prevent muscle loss. They are generally crammed with proteins to promote muscle growth.